How I became a TOP 200 Premium Member in Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate Top 200



Becoming a TOP 200 premium member in Wealthy Affiliate is a very ambitious goal. I took the challenge.

Does ranking in WA matter?

When I decided to pay for my premium membership I had no idea of what I was engaging with. Was it another shiny object? I hoped not. Then I notice my ranking was incredibly low >600000.

I immediately thought ‘that’s good news‘ because I realized there were at least 600K people on top of me, meaning ‘incredible targeted audience’ for my greedy mini-me (I’m sort of fraud Gemini, more than two different personalities).

My competitive mini-me said ‘best news, a real challenge!‘ and took the command.

My guru mini-me then asked ‘is ranking in WA something that matters?’ and the rest of the team looked at him…

I think ranking in any social network community is important. When we introduce ourselves, we are at the bottom of a pyramid, we get welcome messages from many people with a rainbow of intentions, ranging from really nice people, who vibrate in higher frequency, to others who just want to add you to their network, who want your email like Scrooge wants the coins.

Ranking higher can be the opportunity to fly over the clouds and watch the big picture.

It’s an honor to be among the leaders. But it can be dangerous if your intentions are selfish and you want stage lights. You should be aware that whatever your actions are, the consequences get multiplied. And that can be scary if you really care about your mission in life.

I choose to lead by example. Now, this is the moment to show my cards. Am I bluffing? God forbid.

Outlining my strategy


Wealthy Affiliate My Plan



I’m not fond of doing things by the book. I am a 1956 Monkey (valuable data to whoever likes Chinese Horoscope), so I move fast from one task to the other, getting distracted by any ‘shiny object’. My challenge is to get organized, so accept that the following list will probably be incomplete and unordered.

  • Create my profile, trying to highlight my virtues
  • Upload a nice picture… no comment
  • Get acquainted with the platform
  • Post my goals, and trust me, this is not easy
  • Keep a log of my activity, something like leaving crumbles in my path
  • Start interacting with other members, trying to be respectful and polite
  • Learn from tutorials, ask questions, create websites, report
  • enough… Monkey says

Goals are important

You will never reach higher than the roof you put above your head. Ask the performers of a Flea Circus (Millennials won’t know what I’m talking about…)

Setting a goal looks simple: say what you want to do, and say when you’ll have it done!

But it’s not easy. For example, ‘I want to be rich’ is not a goal, but ‘I want to earn $100/day by the end of my training in 60 days’ is a decent goal.

You must be able to tell whether the goal has been achieved or not at the deadline you planned. Yes or No. Binary.

You don’t have a crystal ball (if you do, can I borrow it?), so what’s the problem if you don’t reach your goal? Just learn from whatever prevented you to reach it, set a new realistic goal, and start over again. But beware, setting goals too ambitious or to far away might lead to great deviations and frustration. So take baby steps (don’t follow me, I’m not a good example…)

Know your resources

We all have resources including money, skills and time. Create a list if you need to. Are your resources enough to achieve your goals? If the answer is YES, go ahead, what are you waiting for?

But if your goals are big, then you will need to get collaborators. Wealthy Affiliate community is a good place to find them. At least you know you will find like-minded people willing to help you and, why not, partner with you.

Joining forces has the power to multiply results. Sharing might lead to much bigger profits in the long term. The problem is building trust. You have to be honest to yourself and the community if you want to engage in teamwork.

Conclusion: How become a TOP 200 member in WA

Plan A: Follow My Lead

I am keeping a log of everything I do in my WA blog, I’m doing a huge effort, trust me. I am old, but I still have the nasty habits of a programmer suffering from anxiety, so documenting my steps is a killer.

My affiliate link, where you will make me richer (if you click and then decide to become a premium member) in WA is:

Click Here to Become TOP 200, I dare ya!


Plan B: Bribe Kyle or Carson

Not recommended, I guess. They seem to be nice people. However, if the demand to learn how to bribe the founders of a community to rank higher become becomes a valuable long-tail keyword, I promise to post an article. In the meantime, get to know the founders of Wealth Affiliate network clicking here:

Click Here to Learn Who to Bribe


Plan C: Outsource your WA activity

This requires you to become a member and to find people capable of impersonating you without jeopardizing your reputation. Not recommended, but as I still have 100 words to reach the 1000 words goal, here is the link (ask for qrwizard)

I hope you like this post. Thanks for reading. All your comments are more than welcome, not here, but in WA through my affiliate links. To your success! Just do it!



PS: Underwater images have copyright (but you can get your own screenshots from this video, the owner of the rights won’t complain provided you share this post everywhere):

This has been my first 1000 words article, following 90% of the recommendations of WA tutorials. I am not sure if I will survive a second article, I’ll try to get collaborators to do it on my behalf. I could hire ghost-writers and pay $10, but I don’t want to. Read about my growth plan in WA. All the very best. If I get lucky, it will be indexed by Big G and rank for the keyword ‘How to become a TOP 200 Premium Member in Wealthy Affiliate

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